Jams, Syrup, Honey

Jams Products

Anna Mae’s Jams

  • Apple, apple pie, crabapple, blackberry, blackberry blueberry, blackberry peach, blackberry pear, blackberry plum, blackberry rhubarb, blackberry strawberry, blueberry, blueberry peach, blueberry pear, blueberry plum, blueberry rhubarb, cherry blueberry, cherry strawberry, cherry peach, cherry blackberry, sour cherry, sour cherry rhubarb, grape, peach, peach pear, peach plum, peach rhubarb, pear, pear plum, pear rhubarb,  plum, plum rhubarb, strawberry, strawberry blueberry, strawberry peach, strawberry pear, strawberry plum, strawberry rhubarb, spiced tomato, tomato.We do not carry all of the above flavors at one time, we rotate them. We can special order!

Nightengale’s Maple Syrup

  • Pint, Quart, ½ Gallon, Gallon – Grade A Dark or Amber

Rulison Honey

  • Raw, clover, wild flower, orange blossom