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1319 Sacandaga Road
West Charlton, New York 12010

Open Daily: 10 AM - 6 PM
June 1st to Mid October

Crop Operations

Farming is a silent commitment to the community to produce fresh, local, quality products. Arnold’s Farm grows a wide variety of their own produce and as we expand our ever changing agricultural business we continue to keep our patrons and community in mind by sourcing produce from other trusted NYS farms as we diversify our own crops and evolve farming practices for a sustainable future. This helps ensure the quality of the produce you receive by minimizing storage and transit times while still providing local produce, strengthening the local farm industry, and preventing food deserts in the local community. Visit our Facebook page for more photos and videos!

1319 Sacandaga Road, Charlton, New York 12074 | 518-269-9562 | Arnolds.produce2017@gmail.com
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